Entrepreneurs Around The World [video interviews]

Entrepreneurs Around The World [video interviews] - image


Since we started our world tour in order to meet entrepreneurs in emerging countries, and empower them with affordable technology, we've met dozens of inspiring individuals. We've been lucky and honered to talk to scores of smart young people who truly care about the impact they have on their communities.

That's why, today, we've decided to share some short interviewes with a few of these courageous souls, who dedicate their time, knowledge and skills to improve local entrepreneurial eco-systems and to contribute to better societies. We hope they will inspire you as much as they inspired us!




Manuela Yamada – MateriaBrasil


Topic: Female entrepreneurs in Brazil






Crecencia Chauma – Startup Weekend


Topic: Empowering entrepreneurs in townships






Hannah Clifford – Nairobi Garage


Topic: Transformation of startup eco-system





Boutaina Kadry – Infinitable


Topic: Language barriers





Farhad Sepidfekr – Hamkarestan 404 +


Topic: First co-working space in Iran





Tina El-Khoury – Nature Conservation Center


Topic: Technology and environment




Kristyna Zapletalova - pic

Kristyna Zapletalova

Founder & CEO @ MAQTOOB

After spending a few years in emerging countries of the Middle East and Asia, Kristyna decided to build an easy-to-use business app discovery platform to encourage financial self-sufficiency. She is on a mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs across all age groups and different levels of IT skills to find the affordable tools needed to grow their businesses.

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